Vespas at Woodend

Our pizzas taste so good that it’s never enough. We are a spiritual place of pizza worship where you try once and get hooked forever.

About Us

We are all about making and serving the best pizzas with the crunchiest crust, perfect dough, and cheesiest cheese. Pizzas, for us, are a culinary art form. Our philosophy is pretty straightforward: as long as there’s dough, we will bake you the best Pizza, with the finest ingredients.

The History

Aspiring to the Italian way of cooking and eating since 2009, we are challenging the standard practices of pizza making. Hopefully, so far, we have been instrumental in elevating the overall quality of Pizza in Australia. Each day we searched for better ingredients and honed our skills with every Pizza we served. And today, we have redefined what great pizzas really mean. It has been a painstaking journey and worth every moment of it. 

For us, everything is about Pizza and making it better every single day. 

Delicious Menu

Tastier and healthier dishes, call it magic or cognitive bias, the holy amalgamation of ingredients tastes the best here.


Already craving a slice? You see, a good pizza is no joke! With us, enjoy the Italian-American twist on the classics.


Let it dominate the conversation with homemade red sauce classics combined with the chef’s never-ending need for innovation.

Chicken Dishes

If you love chicken as much as we do, you are in luck! If there’s anything that defines our style, it’s the international flavour with a local twist.


Refreshing and satisfying, our salads are good enough to be the meal’s main attraction and not the obligatory-feeling addition.

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With us, eating is not an activity but an occasion. Whether it’s a big plate of comfort food or the best slice of Pizza, with us, there is no holding back on flavours. The fresh and handpicked ingredients will make you crave for more. The dishes crafted by our chefs are sure to elevate your experience, as each dish is enhanced yet never drowned in or overpowered by ingredients.

Now, you can place your order online.

Order, Download Our Mobile App

Now, you can place your order online.

Order, Download Our Mobile App

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